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We take pride in writing code that not only functions flawlessly but is also elegant, efficient, and up-to-date with industry standards

Constant feedback loop

Your input is invaluable.
We maintain open channels, ensuring your vision aligns with our progress, guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction

Validate your business idea and reach product-market fit, faster

In the fast-paced world of tech, validating your business idea is paramount.

Our expertise expedites the journey to achieve product-market fit, ensuring your solution resonates with your target audience.
By analyzing user behavior and industry trends, we make informed decisions, saving you time and resources.

With our guidance, you'll confidently navigate the path from ideation to a market-ready product, propelling your success in record time. Trust us to accelerate your venture's growth and validate your vision with precision.

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We bring your vision to life; be it a Saas, web or mobile application, blockchain integrations or AI leverage.

Our meticulous approach begins with a thorough understanding of your concept, to ensure a seamless journey.

Your success is our priority, and we're with you every step of the way.

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Cutting-edge solutions, tailored to you

We're dedicated to employing the latest advancements in technology, custom-tailored to suit the unique demands of each project.

Our team's proficiency extends across a spectrum of modern frameworks, languages, and platforms, ensuring your software stands at the forefront of innovation.

From AI-driven algorithms to robust backend architectures, we meticulously choose the best tools for the job.

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How we work

From conceptualization to deployment: result-centered

Crafting your vision

Here at Dexma, we're all about turning your ideas into reality.

With a wealth of expertise, our team dives into the depths of your concept, exploring every possibility.

We're not just conceptualizing; we're crafting a blueprint that reflects your unique vision.

Through market research and thoughtful brainstorming, we anticipate challenges and refine the concept until it's a perfect fit for your goals.

User-centric interfaces

We recognize the pivotal role of UI/UX design in software development.

Our approach to UI/UX is grounded in expertise and guided by user-centric principles.

Bridging tech and human interaction

User interfaces are the bridge between technology and human interaction, we know its importance.

Our seasoned designers delve deep into understanding user behaviors, ensuring every element serves a purpose.

Goals oriented

This level of attention to detail sets the foundation for a product that truly stands out.

Our designs are tailored to align perfectly with your project's unique goals.

Turning concepts into code

We believe in a pragmatic approach to development, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage

After the UI/UX design, we start bringing your vision to life, focusing on clean code and seamless functionality.

Throughout this phase, we maintain transparent communication and frequent progress updates. We prioritize adaptability, seamlessly incorporating feedback into the development cycle.

This iterative approach guarantees that the final product aligns with your expectations.

Iterative refinement

We prioritize gathering feedback to refine and enhance your project. This iterative approach ensures that we're aligned with your vision at every step.

This structured feedback loop is an integral part of our commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

Insightful feedback collection

We value the perspectives of those who will engage with your software, and actively seek their input.

This user-centric feedback collection not only refines the product but also builds a strong foundation for user satisfaction.

Guided by purpose

We navigate through challenges with precision and expertise, forging a path that aligns with your vision.

At every turn, we rely on feedback to recalibrate our course, ensuring that we stay true to the intended destination.

Streamlined deployment process

Our streamlined deployment process ensures that your software seamlessly transitions from creation to implementation.

Our team employs industry-leading techniques to ensure your software is deployed with the utmost efficiency and stability.

Ongoing support and maintenance

At Dexma, our commitment doesn't end with deployment.
We believe in providing comprehensive support and maintenance to ensure your software continues to meet expectations.

We understand that technology evolves, and so should your software.

Trust us to be your reliable partner in maintaining the health and performance of your software solution.

Let's bring your ideas to life

Transforming visions into powerful software solutions
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Have a peek at some of our success stories:



NetLex is a SaaS platform serving over 11'000 lawyers.
Dexma was involved in the entire product's building and scaling process.
As of now it's still helping TeamSystem grow the product.



Balance is an open source project, whose main goal is to provide a state-of-the-art remote working platform, enabling users to carry out their activities efficiently and productively, regardless of their geographical location and time availability.



Nearbix stands as an innovative platform offering a comprehensive solution for seamless rental, management and utilization of co-working spaces.



Storm is a collaborative network of peer-to-peer nodes, enabling users to stress test their web resources.
Various incentives have been implemented to make the network grow, together with a fine-grained pricing based on usage and high security standards.



Friendz is a micro-influencer application that can be leveraged by brands to acquire actions on social media of various kinds.



Futbala is a worldwide AI-based and web-based football manager game.

Each player owned by the user is an AI agent in and on itself that needs to be trained and skilled.

Game dynamics include friendly matches, monthly country-based championships and world cup.


Tech Talent Institute

TTI in an LMS, a training platform mainly concentrated on IT and digital skills.
From programming to 3D modeling, from digital marketing to UX/UI design, TTI offers a wide range of courses that can be delivered in various ways, like a synchronized classroom or on-demand.

TTI Camp

Tech Talent Camp

Tech Talent Camp is a reverse job board where companies can scout for the best candidates and request an interview.



Tixter is an innovative investment platform dedicated to the world of cinema and audiovisual which streamlines the sector's industrial supply chain.